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كورس CMA PART 1 - الوحدة 6

cma course part 1 :  lectures and some questions about each unit
كورس UNIT 6 : CMA PART 1
MR:amr taison
MR:mohamed cma
MR:desoky kh.
(6.1) Integrated Reporting, Integrated Thinking, and the Integrated Report

1) Integrated Reporting
2) Integrated Thinking
3) Integrated Report
4) Purpose of the Integrated Report
MR:amr taison
MR:mohamed cma
MR:desoky kh.
(6.2) Fundamental Concepts of Integrated Reporting

1) Overview
2) Fundamental Concept 1 – Value Creation
3) Fundamental Concept 2 – Capitals
4) Fundamental Concept 3 – The Value-Creation Process
MR:amr taison
MR:mohamed cma
MR:desoky kh.
(6.3) Guiding Principles and Content Elements of the Integrated Report

1) Overview of Guiding Principles
2) Guiding Principles
3) Overview of Content Elements
4) Relationships among Content Elements
5) The Content Elements and the questions posed
MR:amr taison
MR:mohamed cma
MR:desoky kh.
(6.4) Adoption of Integrated Reporting

1) Challenges
2) Building the Business Case for Integrated Reporting
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Some Questions about unit 6
1- What is Integrated Reporting?
It is a process based on integrated thinking to produce an integrated periodic report by the company. This report is related to the value creation process by the company and other aspects related to the value creation process.
2- What are the concepts related to the integrated report?

1) Integrated thinking
2) Integrated Reporting
3) Value creation
3- What is integrated thinking?
It is management and decision-making process in the preparation of integrated reports with the cooperation of all the different organization departments
Integrated thinking depends on the communication between all the factors of the organization that lead to value creation
4- What is Integrated Report?
Integrated report presents the organization role and all its different aspects for value creation in the short, medium and long term. This integrated also provides all information about the organization and its role, efforts and strategies in creating value.
5- What is the Purpose of Integrated Report (Value creation)?
The main objective of the integrated report is to provide more information to investors about how the company is creating value over a period of time.
Integrated reports are not only useful to the owners of capital or investors but are also useful to some other individuals who are interested in the efficiency and effectiveness of the company, such as employees, customers, suppliers and the company environment
6- What is meant by value creation in for-profit and non-profit companies?
Value creation exists in for-profit and non-profit companies
* Value is created for for-profit companies when their revenues exceed their expenses,
* When a company sells a product, it creates value for itself (revenue) and creates value indirectly with the customer
* Value is created in non-profit companies when these companies provide real and beneficial service to customer
7- What are the types of capitals on which value creation depends?
1) Financial capital
2) Natural capital
3) Manufactured capital
4) Intellectual capital
5) Human capital
6) Social and relationship capital
8- What is the value creation process?
The value creation process consists of the following elements:
1) Inputs: are the organization's resources, such as capital used in trading activities, which the organization obtains from the external environment.
2) Business model: This model transforms inputs through business activities into outputs
3) Business activities: are the processes that a business model goes through in order to convert inputs (capital) into outputs.
4) Outputs: are the results of the organization's business activities, the outputs may be products, services or by-products.
5) Results: are the internal and external effects of business activities and outputs, which affect the capital.
9- Should the integrated report contain all types of capital?

* It is not necessary to prepare the integrated report using the six capitals, (only that the company affected by)
* All previous capitals may not be present in the integrated report because these capitals may not be available for some organizations
10- What are the Guiding Principles for integrated reporting?
The guidelines are designed to assist individuals who prepare integrated reports, and include the following:
* Strategic Focus and Future Orientation
* Connectivity of Information
* Materiality
* Conciseness
* Reliability and Completeness
11- What are the nine elements that each integrated report should contain?
1) Organizational Overview and External Environment
2) Governance
3) Business Model
4) Risks and Opportunities
5) Strategy and Resource Allocation
6) Performance
7) Outlook
8) Basis of Preparation and Presentation
9) General Reporting Guidance
12- What are the concepts and challenges that the organization must be aware of?
1) Materiality
2) Data quality
3) Assurance
4) Lack of standards
5) Tone at the top
13- What are the benefits of integrated reporting?
1) The link between financial information and non-financial information, which further clarifies the value creation process
2) Providing complete and diverse information for decision-making
3) Increases opportunities for employees to engage with management
4) Increase of customer commitment
5) Provides good internal control systems for non-financial information
And more….
14- When does the company incur costs in preparing integrated reporting?
When a company builds a business case , such as..
1) Data collection and analysis
2) Create new sets of data
3) Hiring people with high analytical skills
4) Setting up of internal control systems
And more...
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